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tofino surf report.

surfers doing surfing in the only rainforest in north america and only tempered rainforest in the world. featuring child star sheldon fitzgerald of the baby … Tofino Realtor

Surfing: West Coast Tofino (GoPro HD Hero 3)

First time using a GoPro HD Hero Black Edition. Small waves but it’s s’all good. Tofino Realtor


Surf Kayaking, Tofino BC. A fun day in small waves… POV video… camera duct taped to helmet. Tofino Realtor

Global BC learns to surf in Tofino

The Global BC News Hour team get a lesson in cold water surfing while visiting Tofino.For more info, please go to Tofino Realtor

Tofino Surfing 2012

Tofino Surfing 2012. Tofino Realtor

Kye Peladeau Surfing Tofino vancouver island

fall session near tofino. Tofino Realtor

Kayak surfing a spacepop in Tofino

Sum time ago, sum kayaker caught sum waves… Tofino Realtor

Surf Sisters Class and Surfing at Cox Bay, Tofino, BC July 2012

Tofino Realtor

Kayak surfing in Tofino

My first day out kayak surfing in Tofino, actually my first day out surfing period! Tofino Realtor

Paddle Surfing Tofino

Tofino Realtor