Beautiful Beginner Yoga ♥ Hatha Class For Everyone | Tofino

Beautiful Beginner Yoga  ♥ Hatha Class For Everyone  | Tofino

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This 20 min easy beginners Hatha yoga class is intended to help you release tension and stress out of your mind and body. Moving through gentle postures, this class is intended for anyone that is looking for a peaceful and relaxing way to end or start their day. The Hatha Sun Salutations will warm up your body to allow you to really deepen into each Hatha Yoga tension releasing posture. Breathe, focus, and remember to be patient with yourself. With each time you get on that mat, the practice will get easier, your postures will get deeper, and the tension will melt away further.

Love & Light…
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Video Location: Tofino BC, Canada
Music: Go Back by Michael FK.
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Beautiful Beginner Yoga ♥ Hatha Class For Everyone | Tofino
Canadian Riviera

16 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginner Yoga ♥ Hatha Class For Everyone | Tofino”

  1. Set the intention of this class to be present. Listen to your breath. Take this short time for yourself to simply be yourself. Pay attention to how your body responds to each movement and posture this time around. Then when you come back to this class again, take a note of what is different and accept it for exactly that. Just be gentle and kind to you. You deserve it. ❤️☮️

  2. Hey guys, I am starting with you almost every day. You are doing such a great job. I love your diaries, there are some many good advices to apply in life and inspiration for traveling. It would be awesome if one day you summarise your year trip and show it on the map 🙂

  3. Great practice, love the standing poses.. not to difficult for me. I’m happy I discovered this channel ❤️ ♥️ 💕

  4. These locations, background music, your voice and words make your vibes extemely beautiful and positive..
    love from India 🙂

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