Tofino Restaurants

Long Beach, Vancouver Island, Tofino, British Columbia

Long Beach, Pacific Ocean August 8th 2013 Tofino, British Columbia, Canada Vancouver Island.

Orcas chase surfers out of the water!

February 23, 2013. Orcas in the lineup near Tofino, BC

Composting Toilet in Tofino

Tofino resident Conor MacKenzie explaining the composting toilet he installed in his home.

ROXY Lisa Andersen’s Champ Camp in Tofino B.C Canada

Defining the next generation of surfers #LisaAndersenChampCamp Lisa Andersen Champ Camp had its inaugural cold water session in Tofino, BC, Canada on October…

Crystal Cove Beach Resort, Tofino, Canada

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New Years Eve 2013 in Tofino BC, Ringing in 2014!

Some snapshots and video of our family’s trip to Tofino to celebrate New Years Eve 2013!

Grey-whales Approach – Tofino, BC, Canada

The spectacular approach of three grey-whale individuos to a whale watching boat in the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Tofino-BC.

The Shore ~ Luxury Waterfront Living in Tofino B.C. Canada

Remote Passages Tofino wildlife at our doorstep

Tofino BC Canada Whales, Bears, Sea Lions and offshore birds.

The best loo in the world

The gents washroom in the Tofino restaurant The Shelter are eye-catching.