Tofino Surfing

Matthew Surfing Tofino 2013

Tofino Realtor

Surfing Tofino

West coast Canada surf spot British Columbia. Tofino Realtor

Surfing in Tofino Tofino Realtor

surf sister tofino girls in Costa Rica 2008 part deux

The Surf Sisters of Tofino BC Canada surfing a left point in Mal Pais Costa Rica on their 2008 staff trip. Tofino Realtor

“Surfing in Tofino” Jodowns’s photos around Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada (surfing kincardine)

Preview of Jodowns’s blog at TravelPod. Read the full blog here: This bl… Tofino Realtor

Surfing in Tofino with Catherine and Greg

We went to Tofino and surfed at Incinerator Rock on Long Beach. Tofino Realtor

Grey Whale at the Ripcurl Stew Surfing Comp in Tofino

It would be a whole lot cooler if you could see the Grey Whale (and the surfers for that matter) but this was as good as I could film...

Tofino Stand Up Paddle boarding Surf Report July4 2013

NW Wind swell 7ft, 7sec creating messy but ride-able surf. Here’s a look at Cox Bay this morning. I was hoping to find some of the underlying longer period...

Tofino Surf

Tofino Surf west coast Pacific Ocean. Tofino Realtor

Tofino and Long Beach on Vancouver Island

Visit Tofino on Vancouver Island near Pacific Rim National Park. Beautiful ocean landscapes and a quaint surfing village you won’t forget. Tofino Realtor