Tofino Surfing

Derek Watson Dominates Tofino Surfing

Derek Watson surfs Tofo otherwise known as Tofino, This vid just shows a couple nice shots otherwise known as the Eye Candy Slide Show, http://www.fishingcor… Tofino Realtor

More Tofino Surfing – April 2012

A few buddies of mine went out to North Chesterman. Near Tofino, BC. A beach that’s super easy to get to, bathrooms nearby as well as changing area. Very...

lululemon Tofino’s Queen of the Peak

Queen of the Peak is a two-day surfing competition in Tofino, BC. Over the weekend, lululemon held a surf-inspired yoga class led by ambassador Cydney Connor… Tofino Realtor

Tofino Top Surf Spot

Thousands of surfers could have already told you that Tofino is the best surfing spot in North America, and now a US magazine agrees. Outside magazine has ra… Tofino...

Sea Kayak surfing in Tofino,

A few rides, surfing in a long boat. Too bad my SD card died at the wrong time…. Technology I sometime resent you! Thanks to Michael Pardy, Matt Nelson,...

RMR: Rick Goes Winter Surfing

Rick visits Tofino, BC to get a lesson from the good women of Surf Sister. Tofino Realtor

Surfing Tofino Canada-Small wave fun

Storm Surf Shop riders Peter Devries and Noah Cohen test out 4 boards in what was supposed to be one session…It turned into 3 sessions. Tofino Realtor

Storm Surf Vid-Surfing Tofino, B.C. Canada

Noah Cohen, Peter Devries and Shannon Brown surfing the Tofino Beaches. Tofino Realtor

O’Neill Cold Water Classic – Tofino, Canada – Surfing

The O’Neill Cold Water Classic series travels to the wild lands of Vancouver Island and the surfing community of Tofino. O’Neill athlete Jarrad Howse takes u… Tofino Realtor

Winter Surfing in Tofino British Columbia

Tofino Realtor