Tofino Whale Watching

West Coast Aquatic Safaris – Tofino, BC

Going bear and whale watching is a must on any trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island. Selecting the tour company will make or break your experience. Read about …...

Brent Discusses Our Tofino Wildlife Tours

Brent discusses the West Coast Aquatic Safari tours, including whale watching, bear watching and Hot Spring Cove tours, all out of Tofino, BC. Tofino Realtor

Whale Watching Near Vancouver Island

Whale watching excursion from Tofino BC, found some Orcas. Tofino Realtor

Orca’s at Tofino 08/09/2012

Orca and whale watching at Tofino, Vancouver Island (B.C.) Canada. Tofino Realtor

Whale Watching

Whale Watching in Tofino. Tofino Realtor

Tofino Whale Breach Clayoquot Ventures Tofino Fishing Charter

Tofino Realtor

Whale Watching from above

Tofino summer 2011. Tofino Realtor

Whale watching

A grey whale caught on camera near Tofino. Tofino Realtor

Breaching Grey Whale, Cox Point, Tofino

Coming home from whale watching aboard the Leviathan 2, Jamie’s Whaling Station, 2 guests spotted a grey whale breaching. So we came about, and stopped to wa… Tofino Realtor

Jamie’s Whaling Station & Adventure Centres

Check out the website for more: Jamie’s Whale Watching offers tours in Tofino and Ucluelet on state of the art zippy zodiac style vesse… Tofino Realtor