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Tofino Wave Action

Tofino in the fall is a wonder of incredible wave action and surfing potential. The drive up to Tofino is in itself a great trip particularly in the fall...

Martin Mars unlikely to see firefighting action in Port Alberni

With two fires currently burning in the Alberni Valley, there are calls to bring the Martin Mars water bombers into action. But Port Alberni is unlikely to … Google Alert...

Day of Action: Hundreds show support at pipeline protests in BC

Dozens of protests were organized around the province today, as hundreds of people came together in solidarity against Canada's decision last week … Google Alert – tofino

BC files new legal action against TransMountain pipeline

The B.C. government has ratcheted up its efforts to stop the expansion of the TransMountain crude oil and fuel pipeline, a move that seems certain to further inflame trade...

RCMP member challenges court to prevent further disciplinary action

An RCMP member who was fined for disgraceful conduct in the workplace has launched a fresh court challenge to prevent further disciplinary actions against him. Marco Calandrini is asking...

BC lumber industry applauds Canadian trade action

B.C.'s forest products industry is applauding an aggressive legal action filed by the Canadian government Wednesday, a broad complaint against U.S. global trade practices made to the World Trade...

Vancouver Island MP frustrated over lack of action from Ottawa on ocean debris cleanup

Tofino Mayor Josie Osborne, supports Johns' motion and said it took a long time for her community to clean up the mess. "It's taken pretty much a year … Google...

Union job action looming at UBC

Unionized maintenance workers at UBC's main Vancouver campus are threatening to walk off the job if a contract dispute is not resolved. Google Alert – tofino

Tofino BC Salmon Shark See more shark action when my Gopro is bumped by a shark: I saw this baby salmon

Proposed G20 class action before Appeal Court

TORONTO – Ontario's top court will hear arguments on Monday about whether two lawsuits arising out of the mass detentions during the tumultuous … Google Alert – tofino