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Terrifying wolf encounter has BC lighthouse keeper sharing advice: 'Don't run'

The keeper of a remote lighthouse on the northern tip of Vancouver Island is sharing his heart-pounding experience with a wolf in hopes others will learn what not to...

Ryan Reynolds gives BC boy advice on wearing Deadpool costume

A Langley Times reporter's query to Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, elicited some sage advice on how to wear his famous super hero costume. Google Alert – tofino

UNDER EVACUATION: 100 Mile seeks advice from Fort McMurray

As 100 Mile House prepares a re-entry plan for local residents, officials are taking advice from officials behind the Fort McMurray re-entry just more … Google Alert – tofino

Wet Wild N Wacky British Columbia – 3 – Tourist Advice, Tofino, Port Alberni, YUU-TLUTH-AHT

In this episode you are taken to the West Coast of Vancouver island. Firstly an interview with ‘Fluffy’ the Surfer dude, about outdoors activities. Then we’re off to see...

Nanaimo Rental Cars To Vancouver

NANAIMO – For generations car buyers on Vancouver Island have known the slogan “go see Tom”. But little did Tom Harris know that the advice would be taken by…...