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BC MP's bill on wood infrastructure branches into committee

After passing second reading in the House of Commons, Richard Cannings' bill suggesting Ottawa seriously consider wood structures when constructing federal buildings is moving to the committee level. Though...

Updated: IOC suspends Russian Olympic committee

Russian athletes will be allowed to compete at the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics as neutrals despite orchestrated doping at the 2014 Sochi … Google Alert – tofino

BC poverty reduction starts with committee

The B.C. NDP government has launched its long-promised project to create a poverty reduction plan with annual targets, announcing a 28-member … Google Alert – tofino

Opposition parties want committee recalled to probe Phoenix pay 'debacle'

OTTAWA — As the federal government was scrambling to make sure hundreds of civil servants get paid this week, the opposition parties joined forces … Google Alert – tofino

Liberal-dominated committee calls on Ottawa to study guaranteed income

OTTAWA — A Liberal-dominated parliamentary committee is calling on the federal government to explore the concept of guaranteeing people a … Google Alert – tofino

Experts, lobbyists begin pre-budget testimony before finance committee

OTTAWA — A four-day blitz of advice from lobbyists and experts on the upcoming federal budget begins today before a parliamentary committee. Google Alert – tofino

Give up control of reform committee: NDP

OTTAWA – The NDP is urging the governing Liberals to surrender majority control over the special Commons committee that's supposed to … Google Alert – tofino

Canada to adopt British spy committee model

OTTAWA – The public safety minister says the Liberal government plans to model its national security committee of parliamentarians after the one in … Google Alert – tofino

ethical whale watching versus whaling

As the International Whaling Committee (IWC) meet in Madeira to decide the fate of the worlds whales, the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) … Tofino Realtor