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Ottawa proposes $100M class-action settlement for disabled vets

The federal government has agreed to pay $ 100 million to settle a four-year legal battle with disabled veterans, who had launched a class-action … Google Alert – tofino

BC woman with severely disabled son keeps getting parking tickets

Anyone who has every received a parking ticket knows what a nuisance it is. But what is a stone in the shoe for most of us, is insult on...

Near-zero vacancy rate has disabled BC senior facing homelessness

Kieris O'Neill is staring homelessness in the face. As governments try and address a near-zero vacancy rate and property prices that are seeing rental … Google Alert – tofino

Critics urge Ottawa to clear backlog of disabled veterans

A promised infusion of cash to help Veterans Affairs Canada address a massive backlog of requests for services from thousands of wounded warriors has sparked mixed reactions — with...

Prof: Toss conviction for sexually assaulting disabled man

NEWARK, N.J. – A Rutgers University professor is asking a New Jersey judge to throw out her conviction for sexually assaulted a disabled man. Google Alert – tofino