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Federal law on intoxication sex-assault defence unconstitutional: Ontario judge

People accused of sexual assault in Ontario are once again allowed to use excessive intoxication as a defence against criminal charges, a judge has … Google Alert – tofino

Judge criticizes Yellowknife RCMP for jailing intoxicated sex assault victim

A judge has criticized the Yellowknife RCMP for taking an intoxicated sexual assault victim to jail instead of to hospital. In a decision released earlier … Google Alert – tofino

BC judge expands pipeline injunction as protesters use 'calculated' defiance

Anti-pipeline protesters have made a calculated effort to blockade two Trans Mountain work sites in Burnaby, says a British Columbia Supreme Court … Google Alert – tofino

Complaints dismissed against judge who said 'Clearly, a drunk can consent'

An independent judicial review committee has dismissed complaints against a Nova Scotia judge who came under fire for saying in a sexual assault case that drunks can consent. The...

Nanaimo judge won't let arsonist have a cigarette lighter

A man who pleaded guilty to arson in 2016 saw his request to regain use of a lighter denied by a Nanaimo provincial court judge Friday, Nov. 24. Google...

Judge awards largest punitive damage award in BC pedestrian crash: lawyer

A lawyer says his client has been awarded the largest amount ever by a Canadian court for punitive damages linked to a motor vehicle accident. Google Alert – tofino

BC judge grants accused fentanyl dealer's bail appeal

A B.C. man alleged to have sold fentanyl to two undercover cops was set to be let out of months-long custody after a judge ruled the initial denial of …...

Alberta judge upholds human rights prayer decision against private school

CALGARY — An Alberta judge has upheld a human rights decision that found a private school discriminated against two Muslim students by not … Google Alert – tofino

Judge may cut ex-Illinois Gov. Blagojevich's prison term

CHICAGO — A federal judge will decide Tuesday whether to cut ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's 14-year prison sentence on more than a dozen … Google Alert – tofino

Judge pans spy agency claims against Egyptian branded a terror threat

TORONTO — No credible evidence exists that an Egyptian man the Canadian government branded a terrorist more than 16 years ago was ever a … Google Alert – tofino