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Marijuana legalization may go more smoothly than you think: Washington governor

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee has a message of reassurance for Canadians who may fear that legalization of recreational marijuana next week will … Google Alert – tofino

Feds approve roadside saliva test ahead of pot legalization

The federal government has approved a saliva test police can use if they suspect a driver is high on drugs. Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould … Google Alert – tofino

CannabisWise program to ease consumer concerns ahead of legalization

Vancouver dispensary owner Buddha Barn said a national standard is exactly what the industry needs. The Canadian Press; Dec. 24, 2017 10:30 a.m.; News. Marijuana consumers are likely to...

VIDEO: BC to consult public on marijuana legalization

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth has announced Monday that public consultation is the next step in B.C. on the road to Ottawa legalizing … Google Alert – tofino

Trudeau government launches task force to study marijuana legalization

OTTAWA — The federal government is launching a task force to study the legalization and regulation marijuana use. Ottawa has committed to … Google Alert – tofino

Pot culture crash? Marijuana legalization in Canada may extinguish drug cachet

VANCOUVER — Experts say stoner subculture will likely take a hit with the incoming legalization of marijuana in Canada because as the cause … Google Alert – tofino