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71 dead after Russian passenger plane crashes

There are no survivors after a passenger plane crashed near Moscow on Sunday afternoon, the Russian government confirmed in a news release. The An-148 Saratov Airlines passenger airliner had...

Updated: IOC suspends Russian Olympic committee

Russian athletes will be allowed to compete at the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics as neutrals despite orchestrated doping at the 2014 Sochi … Google Alert – tofino

Twitter blocks Russian ads from appearing on its site

The news agencies will still “remain organic users” as long as they follow Twitter's rules. The Canadian Press; Oct. 26, 2017 4:30 p.m.; Buzz. Google Alert – tofino

Trump hedges on NATO protection against Russian aggression

WASHINGTON — Republican nominee Donald Trump hinted at a new world order if he becomes president, saying the United States, under his … Google Alert – tofino

Russian rocket that worried Inuit groups has launched, Canada says

OTTAWA — The federal government says a Russian rocket that upset Inuit groups over its potential to pollute Arctic waters with toxic fuel has launched … Google Alert – tofino

Two boys kidnapped, forced to play Russian roulette, Toronto police say

TORONTO — Two Toronto teenagers allegedly caught up in one of the city's gang wars were kidnapped, beaten, forced to play Russian roulette and … Google Alert – tofino

Russian missile attacks in Syria have Arctic implications: NORAD commander

OTTAWA — The commander of NORAD says U.S. and Canadian defence planners are taking notice of Russia's use of cruise missiles in Syria, … Google Alert – tofino

Experts: Fireball in sky was part of Russian space rocket

A streak of light is seen over an apartment complex in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2015. U.S. Military officials say the streak of light seen burning … Google...

Madonna’s Pussy Riot – Locked in Putin’s Russian Jail – Tee Shirts – Top Entertainment News

Good evening. Here is the top entertainment story for Thursday, November 22, 2012. Madonna’s Pussy Riot. It seems that having friends in high places can’t always help you. Two...

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