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Terrifying wolf encounter has BC lighthouse keeper sharing advice: 'Don't run'

The keeper of a remote lighthouse on the northern tip of Vancouver Island is sharing his heart-pounding experience with a wolf in hopes others will learn what not to...

Tofino Footprints: Sharing Wisdom “I’m very fortunate to live in one of the last wild places on the planet.” – Dan Harrison, ED, Raincoast Education Society This is the first of the...

Tofino surfing crew (Created with Magisto)

Created with Magisto ( Magically turn your everyday videos into beautifully edited movies, perfect for sharing. It’s free, quick, and… Tofino Realtor

Gray Whale Calf and Mother at Laguna San Ignacio

The Gray Whale season is off to such a great start that we couldn’t resist sharing this clip from Feb 12, 2012. Thanks to our wonderful guests and all...

Just the Beginning ~ What’s YOUR Tofino? #yourtofino

Lochie MacKenzie has been living, fishing and surfing in Tofino for over a decade. He reveals what’s truly special about sharing his experiences with guests … Tofino Realtor

Killer whale, surfers video goes viral TOFINO – A video of a pod of transient killer whales sharing waves with a group of surfers off… Tofino Realtor