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US researchers end their active search for sick orca J50

U.S. researchers have called off their search for ailing orca J50, who was last spotted a week ago. In a statement Saturday, the National Oceanic and … Google Alert –...

VIDEO: Police dogs show off their skills ahead of national contest

Nearly 40 dog teams from across Canada are coming to Vancouver for the 2018 Canadian Police Canine Association Trials this weekend. Google Alert – tofino

Liberals scrap lottery system for reuniting immigrants with their parents

The Trudeau government is scrapping an unpopular lottery system for reuniting immigrants with their parents and grandparents and is increasing the … Google Alert – tofino

Fire chases BC crews out of their own camp

Firefighters from a small community in the Okanagan were among those who travelled to help out in Burns Lake this week as crews there battle a fire … Google Alert...

Injured Broncos cheered by Stanley Cup visit to their hospital bedsides

The Stanley Cup has visited the hospital bedsides of Humboldt Broncos who survived a deadly bus crash. Tom Straschnitzki, whose son Ryan Straschnitzki was badly injured in the crash,...

Capital Region gas prices at their highest since 2008

As gas prices remain below the $ 1.40 per litre line in most communities north of the Malahat, they have ballooned to $ 1.49.9 per litre across the capital...

BC Greens exercise their influence on NDP

They won't defeat the NDP government over it, but B.C. Green MLAs don't support NDP measures to hand out $ 400 annual grants to renters and set … Google Alert...

Engage to make their history interesting

By the time things start going without saying, they've long been taken for granted. Crawling has become unacceptable to Crimson and Clover. Google Alert – tofino

Tofino Botanical Gardens, The George Tour, Jun ’11 The five people who died when their whale-watching ship capsized off the west coast of Canada were

Tin Wis Best Western Hotel Tofino Built directly on the beach where the Tla-O-Qui-aht people harvested whales after their traditional hunts, the