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Man who tried to save surfer in Tofino speaks out: “He's gone but we're not giving up”

Within minutes of arriving on Long Beach in Tofino, Mallaley says he noticed a group of surfers in distress and a young man unresponsive in the water. "We noticed...

Suspect in Nanaimo allegedly robbed bank, tried to rob Tim Hortons

Nanaimo RCMP and the Police Dog Services unit are searching for man who allegedly robbed a bank in the city's north end. According to the Nanaimo RCMP, a man...

Marco Muzzo to be tried by judge only

Dawn Muzzo, left, the mother of accused drunk driver Marco Muzzo arrives with family and Muzzo's fiancee Taryn Hampton at the courthouse in … Google Alert – tofino

Leviathan survivors tried to save man missing off Tofino

Ravisham Pillay was on the Tofino whale-watching boat Leviathan II with … Six members of Pillay's family arrived at Tofino airport midday and were … Google Alert – tofino

Paddleboarding For The First Time by Leighton O’Connor

Tried paddleboarding for the first time at Little Harbor Boat House in Marblehead. Pretty awesome. Fell once by accident and twice on purpose. Great instruct… Tofino Realtor

Preparing tofu

Ever had a nice tofu stir fry at a restaurant and tried to make something similar at home only to have it come out as a soggy mess? What...

Shelli Eats Oysters for First Time

“Country Bumpkin from Wyoming Goes to Boston and Eats Oysters.” Shelli Johnson/, from Wyoming, tried oysters for the first time during… Tofino Realtor

Surfing in Tofino in Aug.

Darlene and I surfing in Tofino for a week. Loads of fun if you never tried it yet. 🙂 Tofino Realtor