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REPLAY: BC's best video this week

With a wildfire approaching, fire crews worked tirelessly this weekend to save a family of eagles stuck in a tree. Watch more > … Google Alert – tofino

VIDEO: Crews work tirelessly to save eagles caught in Kamloops wildfire

As fire crews work 'round the clock to contain a rapid wildfire that caught east of Kamloops this week, it isn't just the homes and people they are … Google...

VIDEO: Man captivated by curious humpback whales off BC island

Beneath the glassy surface of the ocean live many creatures, and it was a rare sight for these boaters when two humpback whales got very close to a … Google...

VIDEO: Police warn of 'potential risk' to Greater Toronto area

Information about a “potential risk” in the Greater Toronto Area led to an increase in police presence in Toronto's downtown core on Thursday, but … Google Alert – tofino

VIDEO: Raft rescue on Campbell River

First responders pulled several people from the Campbell River this afternoon after their flotation devices became caught on the supports of a bridge. Google Alert – tofino

REPLAY: BC this week in video

Firefighters and RCMP were called to the scene of the parking lot behind the Cultus Lake Waterpark this week and broke the window of a mini-van to … Google Alert...

Cox Bay, Tofino – Teaser Video

Cox Bay, Tofino – Teaser Video

VIDEO: Miss BC pageant finals get underway in Fort Langley

It was a broken heart that led Alexandra Rose to sign up for the Miss BC pageant. Originally seeking a way to feel validated, she was shocked to find …...

VIDEO: Trans Canada crash on Vancouver Island snarls traffic

A long weekend crash on Vancouver Island injured at least one person. It happened at around 2 p.m. Saturday at the intersection of Mays Road and … Google Alert –...

WITH VIDEO: Marmot release on Mount Washington

Three captive-bred Vancouver Island Marmots were released on Mount Washington Tuesday in hopes of growing the species, which is still … Google Alert – tofino