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Injured humpback whale spotted near Comox

An injured humpback whale has a local conservationist concerned. Peter Hamilton, of Life Force Society, said he first spotted the juvenile swimming … Google Alert – tofino

Vancouver Aquarium staff rescue rare whale that washed up on Tofino beach

Staff at Vancouver Aquarium are working around the clock to try and save a rare cetacean known as a “false killer whale” that was found stranded on a British...

Orca breaches near whale watching boat on Vancouver Island

Whale watching adventures are very popular on Vancouver Island, and with good reason. You never know what you'll see when heading out onto the … Google Alert – tofino

Gray whale watching Tofino

Gray whale watching Tofino

Canadian goverment announces $167.4 to protect endagered whale species

An endangered whale population along B.C.'s coastline will receive a boost from the federal government following the announcement of Canada's … Google Alert – tofino

Gray whale watching Tofino B.C with Mum, Ann, Phil & Stephanie

Gray whale watching Tofino B.C with Mum, Ann, Phil & Stephanie

Sighting of a lifetime: whale watchers find, rescue orphaned bear cub near Tofino

It was a sad sight that led to a happy ending. A tiny bear cub was spotted on an island near Tofino Friday afternoon, attempting to suckle from its...

Whale watchers rescue orphaned bear cub near Tofino

WATCH: A whale watching trip off Tofino has saved the life of an orphaned bear cub on a remote beach in Ross Pass. The rescue is owed to timing …...

Feds limit chinook fishery to help killer whale recovery

The federal government is closing some recreational and commercial chinook fisheries on the West Coast in an effort to help save endangered … Google Alert – tofino

Tofino, Vancouver – Whale Watching

My wife and I went to Vancouver to visit friends and family. While we were there we visited Tofino, went on an ocean boat tour, and saw some whales....