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Tofino whale June 2018

This video is about Tofino whale June 2018 Tofino whale June 2018

Sickly southern resident killer whale 'J50' spotted alive

An American whale research organization says an ailing killer whale has been found alive just hours after it was announced the young orca had been … Google Alert – tofino

whale watching Tofino, BC

You have to look closely to spot the whale, but they came to our zodiac and more wild life in water and on rocks, but again, the Gopro just...

A Humpback Whale Breaches in Tofino, B.C. and Performs a Full 360-Degree Spin

This acrobatic humpback whale was spotted during a Tofino Resort + Marina tour of Clayoquot Sound. A Humpback Whale Breaches in Tofino, B.C. and Performs a Full 360-Degree Spin

Killer whale pushing dead calf gets support from her pod

A killer whale that has been pushing the body of her newborn calf since it died last week is getting help from members of her pod, including her son …...

Yurok Whale Watching Tofino 2016

Yurok Whale Watching Tofino 2016

Injured humpback whale spotted near Comox

An injured humpback whale has a local conservationist concerned. Peter Hamilton, of Life Force Society, said he first spotted the juvenile swimming … Google Alert – tofino

Vancouver Aquarium staff rescue rare whale that washed up on Tofino beach

Staff at Vancouver Aquarium are working around the clock to try and save a rare cetacean known as a “false killer whale” that was found stranded on a British...

Orca breaches near whale watching boat on Vancouver Island

Whale watching adventures are very popular on Vancouver Island, and with good reason. You never know what you'll see when heading out onto the … Google Alert – tofino

Gray whale watching Tofino

Gray whale watching Tofino