Vlog #8 Tofino Surf Trip

Posted By on June 5, 2018

Vlog #8 Tofino Surf Trip
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– 2 Ski Poles
– 2 Empty beer cans
– 2 Full drinks
– 1 Frisbee

– Place the ski poles as far or as close together as you like (closer = easier), the empty beer cans are placed on top of the ski poles.

How to play:
2 teams throw the Frisbee back and forth aiming to hit the beer can off the ski pole

How to score:
– 1 point for hitting the ski pole and knocking the empty onto the ground
– 2 points for hitting the beer can and knocking it onto the ground.
– You only score if the empty hits the ground and can defend by catching it before it hits the ground.

1. You must have a drink in your hand at all times.
2. You must throw the Frisbee from farther than your own pole
3. When defending you may not touch the beer can before the Frisbee touches it or the pole.
4. You may not catch the Frisbee before it passes the its target pole.
5. If you knock your own can off its 1 point for the other team.
6. If the can falls off due to wind or other non-human reasons it is reset and no points are scored.


Vlog #8 Tofino Surf Trip

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